Procter Automotive Maintenance Tips: The Belt Goes On

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Today’s Procter Automotive auto maintenance article focuses on your serpentine belt. Your serpentine belt is a long belt that’s driven by your engine. It winds around several accessories that power important automotive systems. Let’s go over them. First, the serpentine belt drives your truck air conditioning system. It spins the compressor that makes the cool… Read more »

Is Your Abilene Driving Severe?

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People near Abilene Texas often ask Procter Automotive how often they should have a particular service done. It’s a great thing to ask. You can look at your owner’s manual, or have your Abilene Texas service advisor at Procter Automotive look up your vehicle in a service database. What you find is often a surprise… Read more »

Busting Automotive Myths In Abilene Texas

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Myths passed around our Abilene Texas community start with a grain of evidence and are then built up with a lot of imagination and very elastic logic. And the internet is a breeding ground for automotive myths. Some bloggers recall the trucks of yesteryear and declare their modern decedents to be virtually maintenance free and… Read more »