Procter Automotive On Your Serpentine Belt

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Today we’re going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Abilene TX customers. Let’s start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. That’s the device that makes electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery. Then there’s the air conditioning compressor that makes cool… Read more »

Abilene Customer Detective Work

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One might say the most challenging part of being an automotive service technician at Procter Automotive in Abilene TX is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed. Cars are made up of a bunch of complex systems. There usually could be a number of reasons for any given symptom. So it’s challenging to track… Read more »

Professional Fuel System Cleaning

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Getting enough fuel to your engine is very important for performance, fuel economy and safety. In order to accomplish this, your fuel system needs to be clean. Today’s production cars have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. The injectors need to be cleaned from time to time in order to deliver the fuel with the… Read more »

Looking Down the Road – Headlamps

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If you’ve ever been driving around Abilene and had a headlamp go out, you’ve probably just wanted to replace the bad bulb. If your car uses halogen headlamps, they dim over time. So if you just put in one, they won’t have the same brightness which can be distracting and will affect your field of… Read more »