The Procter Automotive Guide To Vehicle Diagnosis

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Modern Abilene vehicles have several computers on board that control all kinds of things like engine functions, transmission shifts, traction control, anti-lock brakes, stability control, emissions – and on some vehicles, even steering, braking and the throttle. Think about that for a minute – things that used to be controlled by simple mechanical connections now… Read more »

Following Recommended Intervals For Your truck

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If you’re reading this article in Abilene, TX, then you probably care about your car and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your service technician tells you the manufacturer recommends some additional service. Your heart beats a little faster, your blood pressure rises. You worry about… Read more »

Procter Automotive Guide To Using the Correct Fluids in Your Vehicle

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Today’s Procter Automotive post focuses on using the proper fluids for your vehicle. Significant advancements in automotive technology have lead to the development of high-tech fluids to keep modern cars operating at peak performance. This is due to both engineering advances and new high-tech materials used to build truck automotive systems. A simple example of… Read more »

Procter Automotive And The Maintenance Mindset

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When it comes to their vehicles, some Sweetwater car owners don’t have a maintenance mindset. They know they need to take care of their cars, but it just seems really hard to get them to remember to do it. Sweetwater drivers generally accept that many things in life require regular maintenance, but just may have… Read more »