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Your browser does not support video There are a lot of things in life that Abilene residents have to do on a regular basis. We wash dishes every day, do our laundry and mow our lawns every week, and pay the bills every month. We should go to our Abilene dentist twice a year and… Read more »

Coolant Service at Procter Automotive

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Abilene car owners’ cars have to operate in a wide range of TX temperatures which requires our engine coolant to be able to perform ‘no matter what’. Think for a moment about the environment where the coolant does its thing. Very hot, high pressure, corrosive… And all the while, it has to protect the components… Read more »

Keys to a Long Lasting Vehicle

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Abilene auto owners live in a disposable society. Everything from elaborate packaging to our clothing. Even cell phones are disposable. When replacement is cheaper than repair, the term “built to last” goes by the wayside. An exception is our vehicles. They’re still a very big investment and Abilene car owners want to make them last… Read more »