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Timing Belt Replacement in Abilene, TX

A mechanic needs to be experienced and trained in all aspects of auto repair services and maintenance. It is important that a mechanic is up to date on all of the latest technology and mechanics available for auto repair. A timing belt is something that a mechanic must also be able to replace or repair. A timing belt is a part of an internal combustion engine. It controls the timing of the engine's valves. It is important to remember that a timing belt needs to be replaced at the manufacturer's recommended distance or time period. If the timing is not replaced when it needs to be then it can result in engine failure or some other form of break down. A timing belt is also known as a drive belt.

It is important to remember that your vehicle's timing belt or drive belt should be replaced by an experienced and trained mechanic. Procter Automotive has been offering top of the line automotive services since 1947. We are dedicated to providing our customers with honest, reliable and effective services. Our services range from wheel alignment, timing belt replacement to oil change and car maintenance. Procter Automotive employs ASE certified mechanics as to ensure that our customer's vehicles are always in the hands of a trained professional.

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